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For many 2020 was filled with anxiety, fear and a sense of hopelessness. For me 2020 began as every other year but ended in an unexpected way. In July 2020, I had to make a choice, do I give up or do I make a new pathway. I chose to forge a new pathway.  With that new path, I formed Jinada Rochelle LLC in the fall of 2020. I took my experience working in the public sector and combined it with my experience in the private sector and developed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for employers and community groups.  I wanted to meet employers and their employees in the trenches and provide them with a pathway to a better work experience. Diversity includes everyone, Equity makes a unique pathway and Inclusion is the intentional choice to value those you serve. 

Prior to forming Jinada Rochelle LLC, I worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the Human Relations Commission. The Commission is charged with investigating unlawful claims of discrimination, conducting community outreach, engaging with business stakeholders, and assisting the citizens of Pennsylvania. During my tenure at the Commission, I served in various capacities. My final position was Director of Enforcement. My duties consisted of training internal and external customers on the agency’s policies as well as providing updates on the theories of discrimination and their application to businesses and communities and assisting with the strategic planning for the agency.
In addition to working at the Commission, I worked for over 10 years in the private industry. I assisted businesses with their hiring practices, marketing strategies and employee management policies. My prior experience enabled me to successfully launch a consulting firm that understands the needs of businesses to both increase profitability and provide an inclusive working environment. 

2019 Graduate of the Harrisburg MLK Leadership Institute 
2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of Southern Florida Corporate Training and Professional Education 
2021 Featured Speaker for PowerToFly Diversity’s Financial Inclusion Summit 
2021 Certified Minority Owned Business by National Minority Development Council 
2022 Featured speaker at the Harrisburg Chamber’s IDEA workshop 
2023 Featured speaker at MidPenn Bank Women's Empowerment Seminar
B.S. University of Pittsburgh

               About Us

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